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We are a community of bikers who got bored of their bikes. Sell them and buy a new one is the best option. Bique´s new e-commerce website is in the making. Don't be anxious!


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How we work.

Easy and Fast are 2 words that describe us. Buy & sell bicycles have never been easier. Soon we are going to be all around the world! Fighting for a world where bicycles dominate.

Get bored.

After years of riding the same bicycle, people usually stop liking their old bikes. So it is time to change it. But don't throw away your old one, just sell it here. There will always be someone interested in it.

Publish and Negotiate.

Once your bicycle is published you have to start negotiating. No one is going to buy your bike if it is overpriced so you have to establish a reasonable price considering the years of use and in what condition it is.

Sell it.

Do not get anxious with the first offer, because the first interested buyer is not going to buy your bike, but maybe the second one or the third one. However, it is important not to sell it at any price. After all someone is going to buy it.

Fast Shipping.

The bicycle is going to arrive to the chosen address in less than a month. There are many shipping types starting from the most expensive one, the same-day shipping, to the cheaper one, the 25-30 day shipping.

Buy a new one.

The buyer will send you the payment with PayPal so you will have the money to buy a new bicycle. Now, you can start searching a new bike, if you haven't done it yet, an negotiate with the seller.


It is really important to give a feedback to the seller. It is something optional, but it is really necessary so as to help the seller to have a good reputation. Anyway, a short review it´s enough.

Get In Touch.

Let's get to know each other. We take care in getting to know our clients and customers.

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We are looking for new employees.

Bique is looking for new employees who want to be part of our company. Send your CV to our email. We especially want some marketers, but we also need managers.